Testing, Testing, Testing…my new Fujifilm X100S


Β© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


I did not go camera shopping which probably makes it so much worse. We went to the camera store for a calibrator for my monitor, which I am happy to say we picked up and my monitor is now correctly calibrated. But you know when you’re in the camera store you have to look at the toys you have been wanting for so long and for me, the Fujifilm X100S was at the top of my list. Well, no more… and these are some of the first pictures taken as I learn how to use my new camera.




These pictures were shot in film simulation monochrome with red filter and in jpg, which is different for me because I usually shoot in Raw format. This monotone setting enhances contrast and darkens skies considerably. This photo shows the wonderful stage of spring that we are at right now and as you can see I might as well shoot in monotone. Besides I am also taking pictures in monotone in order to better train my eye to see what works well in this format.



This image is definitely a happy Oops because I like it even though I screwed up. I’m pretty sure the blur is because of pilot error. I think the blur gives the image a moody atmosphere which it would not have had, correctly taken and in focus. I don’t know if it was camera shake or because I was shooting wide open. I have to get used to changing my aperture on the outside of the lens like vintage cameras of old. I did adjust it up from f2.5 to f8 for the next image.




The ground was still pretty wet so we cut through a co-op housing project and I was a little amazed at the curb appeal of these homes. This was one that caught my eye. I thought that this was the front of the house when I took the picture but upon reflection, I’m thinking this must be the back.




These next two pictures were taken with the macro setting. I have to play with this. I’m not too sure how far away I have to be for things to be in focus for the macro setting. And there is no warning as to when something is in focus or not. I have to figure this out. Although I don’t think I will be doing much macro with this camera. It can hardly compete with my DSLR and macro lens combo, but if I’m out and about with the X100S, it nice to be able to take them anyways.




I thought the design on a neighbourhood driveway would make a great abstract. What do you think?






These next two images are reflections in a puddle of water on the sidewalk.






This last image is nothing special, it just nicely frames up my walk with a final picture on the way back home. As you can see the weather warmed up enough to take off our jackets. So spring is coming, the weather is warm and rainy as many of these pictures show.





12 thoughts on “Testing, Testing, Testing…my new Fujifilm X100S

  1. Wow Beth, you have captured so many lovely moods in these great shots. I can see you and your new Fuji (so want one!) are going to have so much fun together!

  2. … WHAT a new toy that is Beth πŸ˜‰
    Looks like you’re going to be busy having fun this Spring . Fantastic clarity …
    Enjoy !

  3. Oh gosh Beth these are great! I’m so jealous. I was saving up for an X100S but ended up going with a Sony NEX-7 instead. Glad you enjoy your new toy. πŸ™‚

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