First Day of Ottawa’s Tulip Festival


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


Spring in finally here. I can tell because it’s Tulip Festival time in Ottawa. Too bad the early blooming tulips didn’t get the memo. There was some colour in a few beds but not like last year, when all the tulips rushed to bloom because of a heat wave. The weekend was pleasantly warm and when I drove by Dow’s Lake on Sunday, the crowds had arrived. Here is a sneak peek at the tulips which are not quite ready for the show.



The yellow flowers in this bed were daffodils, so there is a little more colour surrounding these beautiful orange tulips.




This yellow tulip stands out in this crowd.




I will have to revisit these beds soon. Hopefully with the warm weather they are now in full bloom.




There was a whimsical tea party display that was new this year. It already looked a little worse for wear.




These next two images were taken at Dow’s Lake on the way back to the car. These kayaks and canoes tied to the dock will soon be available to rent to paddle down the canal. The water is still a little too cold right now but it should be open for business soon.




This Double-Crested-Cormorant was hanging out among the seagulls on the docks. So ends my first visit to the Tulip Festival. Most assuredly, there will be more tulips blooming during my next visit. Stay tuned…






9 thoughts on “First Day of Ottawa’s Tulip Festival

  1. Those first three photographs of the tulips are remarkable. I can’t quite figure out why they attract my attention so much. Perhaps it’s that we are seeing them at eye level rather than from above as is so often done. The blurred backgrounds are wonderful as well, creating a feeling of endless fields of tulips even though we are only able to see a small portion of the view. Nicely done!

  2. Tulips en-masse are lovely and I like the way your second shot with the ‘odd ball’ accentuates the uniformity of the rest.
    The kayaks are a great splash of colour too. When scrolling up/down on my screen the last one has more impact (to me anyway!) if it’s cropped more square with no trace of water; it becomes more abstract and the strong blacks contrast really well with the similar orange/red tones.

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