An Intimate Landscape – Hogs Back Falls


According to professional landscape photographer John Greengo, there are 3 types of images: grand landscapes, intimate landscapes and detail images. Grand landscapes are those spectacular images that one usually captures with a wide-angle lens in national parks or the untamed wilderness. Often you have to expend a fair amount of effort to access them. Intimate landscapes are on a smaller scale and more likely to be captured with a telephoto lens, like a close-up of a few trees or a waterfall in a forest. The detail images are even more intimate such as a close-up of a few flowers or just a petal or a macro of an insect. My photography generally falls into the last two categories of intimate landscapes and detail images.


I revisit sites around the Ottawa Valley and Gatineau Park looking to shoot from a new perspective, or hoping to see something new or to capture a better composition in different or better light. These images were captured during an evening walk. The Hogs Back falls are easily accessible and quite impressive for an urban nature park. Although not nearly on the scale of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Niagara Falls holds the potential of a grand landscape whereas my images of Hogs Back falls are more intimate landscapes. As I worked my subject, I narrowed my focus and framed some details of the falls and the old mechanisms abandoned on the dam itself. I wanted to show the power of the water coming over the falls rather than a soft blur the water. Click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.


The Hogs Back “falls” were created during construction of the Rideau Canal. In the pre-canal era, there were rapids at this location known as Three Rock Rapids. A canal dam built on the head of the original rapids raised the water 41 feet. Today’s falls are dam raised water rushing through a man-made waste water channel, excavated in the east bank of the river.


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6 thoughts on “An Intimate Landscape – Hogs Back Falls

  1. Intimate landscape, but I rather like water portrayed in a wild and untrammeled way! Incidentally I picked up on your title Hogs Back, as we too have a Hog’s Back waterfall here in the Eastern Cape 🙂

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