Dreamscapes – When the Sun Goes Down


In my last post “A Golden Hour Downtown” my subjects were bathed with golden light. As we walked from the Alexandra Bridge to the Ottawa locks the sun was setting fast. As I mentioned my Fujifilm x100s is a new camera and I’m experimenting with it. I’d read a number of articles that suggested that auto ISO is a time-saving feature that ensures the right ISO at all times, especially in changeable lighting conditions. Initially, I checked the ISO setting which seemed to stay around 800, so I worried less about my ISO and just composed my photos. However, I did not realize that as the sun went down, the camera changed the ISO to its maximum setting. The good news is that I can shoot handheld in very low light. The bad news which I’m sure is no big surprise, the images will have a lot of noise.


Keeping in mind that the subject and composition are more important than technique, I processed these images anyways. I had to make significant use of the noise reduction tool in Lightroom which is not without consequences. The images became softer, almost like dreamscapes. Click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.


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10 thoughts on “Dreamscapes – When the Sun Goes Down

  1. There’s always something else to remember! On more than one occasion I set the ISO high and then forgot to reset it – you’d think I’d have remembered to check settings by now!

    Lovely light and the second shot is great – the flare working particularly well.

  2. Lovely photos. We’re spoiled by technology. Pre-digital, depending on what asa film you had in your camera, you’d just stop photographing after a certain time. Now we can capture so much more.

    1. Thanks…we are spoiled but I have to get a better handle on this technology. I got lucky and could still post these. Hopefully, setting a top range for my ISO will control the amount of noise. I think it is a great little camera for street photography. We shall see… πŸ™‚

  3. These are all stunningly beautiful shots, but I especially like the second one – how did you get that ring? And the third one is such a fab colour. Does this camera have interchangeable lenses?

    1. Thanks…the ring is flare which you achieve by shooting directly into the sun. It worked great this time but often its something you want to avoid. This camera has a non-interchangeable, non-collapsible, fixed focal length lens. It’s a great little camera, especially for street photography and I suspect travel photography.

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