The National War Memorial – Lest We Forget


This is the National War Memorial in Ottawa, which honours more than 116,000 Canadians who died in the Great War of 1914-1918. We had visited the monument a couple of weeks before Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a reservist with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, was gunned down while standing guard in front of the monument. The honour guard has served as sentries at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the summer since 2007. The ceremonial guard was reinstated two days after the attack and will continue to serve until Nov. 10, the day before Remembrance Day.

The remains of an unidentified Canadian soldier who died in the First World War were repatriated from France in May 2000 and, in a special ceremony, buried in a special tomb in front of the war memorial.


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30 thoughts on “The National War Memorial – Lest We Forget

  1. Magnificent sculpture . The added shadow you’ve captured of soldiers following each other connected and distinct falling away to something less tangible adds another dimension of poignancy .

  2. Love the photos^^ . I’m newbie. Please visit my blog *but it’s in bahasa indonesia* maybe you can give me some advice about the photos *sorry if my english is bad

  3. I hope the add another tomb for the officer/guard who lost his life that day to honor him. He was on duty in front of that tomb I think it would be cool if he was laid to rest there. On a philosophical note he still would be guarding that tomb. 😀

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