Collage of Autumn Leaves


Autumn is a wonderful time to walk in the woods and enjoy the fall colours. This year’s display was fantastic and it seemed to last forever. These images are from the woods near my home. In the first three images the leaves are backlit. They glow against a darken background with beautiful bokeh. The last three were captured in overcast light or shade conditions which produces a different, sometimes more saturated effect. These were taken with my new Nikon D610 and the colours are vibrant. In post processing I use tools to add contrast and vibrancy to my images but rarely does that involve increasing colour saturation. I think that it is good practice not to touch saturation or to use it sparingly. I did adjust the hue on one of the pictures where the orange colour was overwhelming.


The last photo is my favourite. Some shots look like they would be very easy to capture when in fact the opposite is true. Finding a really cool perspective where there just seems to be chaos is very difficult. These leaves were on a ledge that was at eye level which allowed easy access to them. I spent a good amount of time trying to frame the fallen leaves. Unfortunately I don’t have much to show for my efforts but you only need one. So this will have to do until I try again next year. Click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.


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22 thoughts on “Collage of Autumn Leaves

  1. Lovely captures .. so delicate and true in colour Beth . As you say unless you try and capture something like this one doesn’t realise how tricky it is to find a good composition and frame it as you would like . It’s quite a job with *fallen leaves .. damp knees and struggling in odd positions seem to go hand in hand 🙂

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