Happy New Year – A Second Mer Bleue Bog Series


It has been a challenging year for me and at times, I have had to take a break from blogging. So first, I would like to thank everyone who is still following my blog and wish you a Happy New Year. It’s cold and snowy in Ottawa which makes it a great time to try to make some headway in my archives. This series is also from Mer Bleue Bog. I think we were there a little earlier in the day this time. The light was overcast but the sun did peek through at times. As I stated in my last post shooting from the boardwalk can be challenging but it also allows for unique perspectives. Continually returning to a similar venue also has inherent challenges. You may recognize the same subjects but they are shot from a different perspectives or in different lighting conditions. The sky in these landscapes are more interesting because of the cloud cover and there is a lot of movement in the foliage. Because it was so blustery I took more close up perspectives of subjects that were protected from the wind. No matter how many times I visit the bog, I always find something interesting that I had not photographed before or I experiment with a familiar subject, looking for a fresh and unique capture. Hope you enjoy this second series and remember to click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.


Β© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.






























23 thoughts on “Happy New Year – A Second Mer Bleue Bog Series

  1. These scenes are magical Beth – so glad you continue to find the beauty in nature. Your eye is really great at knowing just what is going to photo perfectly. Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing what you capture during 2015.

  2. You make me want to get out there and open my eyes for the smaller details as well as the more obvious Beth ! Lovely scrolling down .. and down through these photos πŸ™‚

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