Snowkiting at Sunset


It’s still freezing in Ottawa and I have been nursing a very bad cold. So I have not felt like doing anything including housework. Well, especially not housework but now I’m feeling well enough to finally post some winter photos. We were looking for open water along the Ottawa River. Having no luck and running out of time, we found ourselves at Britannia Park. The sun was setting so we walked to the river where we were able to watch the sunset and snowkiters gliding or at times, flying across the ice.


Recently I watched the Fundamentals of Photography 2015 online course by John Greengo on Creative Live. If you want to view some free online tutorials, Creative Live is a great source to subscribe to. The tutorials are free when streamed live and then you can purchase the course if you wish to review it again later. I particularly enjoyed the last day which was spent on composition and the question of “what makes a great photo?” In a nut shell, it should be both beautiful and interesting. For a photo to beautiful, it must have the right lighting, good composition and a good quality subject. Keeping in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But most importantly, it must capture the moment. For a photograph to be interesting, it could show a new perspective or a hint of mystery. Mystery, being defined as not showing everything in the photo. Leaving the viewer with questions or an open interpretation of what is happening or why it is happening.


ยฉ Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.





Photos should tell stories. When telling your story, one strategy can be to take the big picture that shows everything. Where you are and everything in context. Then look for new perspectives and narrow your focus on only a part of the whole subject. Adding mystery to your photos. Hope you enjoy this new winter series and remember to click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.









18 thoughts on “Snowkiting at Sunset

  1. Much better poring over photos Beth than housework … glad you are on the mend ๐Ÿ™‚
    What a lovely contrast that sunset is against the snow scene giving it all a slightly warmer glow .
    Fascinating and a little scary I imagine watching the snowkiting .. they seem to reach such speeds on beaches never mind snow !

  2. Wow, it sure looks cold in your part of the world. I’d be hiding indoors too, in front of a huge log fire! Sorry to hear about your cold and glad you are on the mend and out capturing some beautiful scenes for us. Love the first image – the light, the colour and the silhouette of those trees, the shadows. Those guys snowkiting must be mad! It’s probably an amazing experience, but oh, so cold!!
    Jude xx

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