Lovely Pink Dahlia Flowers


On this cold wintry day, I’m thinking warm thoughts and posting a spring series. These lovely pink Dahlia flowers were in large pots in my neighbour’s garden. All the pictures were taken outside and yet some look like they were captured indoors with a neutral backdrop. These are very tall flowers with multiple large blooms on each stem. The flower heads themselves are very busy with beautiful repetitive patterns of petals. So it’s important to isolate the blooms with neutral, uncluttered backgrounds. This can be a challenge in a small garden. The first photo is a close-up of a large Dahlia in full bloom. The rest focus on smaller Dahlias that are in the process of opening. The size and colour of these younger blooms is different from the more vibrant pink of the mature blooms. I hope you enjoy my spring series, as I’m sure many people on this side of the world are longing for a hint of spring while buried under a mountain of snow. Oh well, soon the snow will melt, but until then I have plenty of spring flowers to share from my archives.


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