Barbie at the Ottawa Busker Festival 2013


The first picture is what a human would look like with Barbie proportions.   When I first saw this busker’s act she was twirling a large number of hula hoops around her body. The Busker Festival was happening along Sparks St., downtown Ottawa.  It was early evening and she waved us into closer circle around her. She was dressed in pink with many Barbie like accessories.  What I like about this series is the pure enjoyment of the crowd.  First, she wowed and impressed them with her athleticism and skills with hula hoops. Then the real fun began. She picked out some poor soul from the crowd to help her with her act.  He was a great sport even though he looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. His girlfriend or wife sported a big smile and used her phone to record his performance for prosperity, no doubt there would be many laughs at his expense for a long time after. The busker stuffed balloons up her shirt to give her Barbie proportions but I’m pretty sure Barbie never sported toned and muscled legs like her. Remember to click on the images for better viewing.

© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.











4 thoughts on “Barbie at the Ottawa Busker Festival 2013

  1. 😀 pure entertainment !! Always a hoot when there is audience participation willingly or not … some lovely expressions on people’s faces you’ve caught Beth !

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