Spring Daffodils – Happy Easter




It snowed again today so we won’t be seeing spring flowers anytime soon. I hope you will enjoy these daffodils that I captured last spring by the side of the road. The first image is my favourite with all the blurred colour surrounding this one clear daffodil. Daffodils are surprisingly hard to capture a nice picture of. They have this ugly flap of brown that the bulb was wrapped in and they grow in large clumps that make for a busy background. But if you look hard enough you can find some nicely posed flowers. Using a very shallow depth of field works very nicely too.

I would like to wish those who will be celebrating this weekend, a Happy Easter to you and your families.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.





























17 thoughts on “Spring Daffodils – Happy Easter

  1. Lovely golden trumpets Beth ! I’m smiling at your description of taking these flowers … yes .. that brown papery sheath … I too thought this would be in the WP Challenge this week , Maybe it give it another tag ?
    Hope the snow melts before too long !

      1. Yes I’m sure the novelty if any has gone now :-/ So disruptive … and hides everything … like flowers 😉
        The tag .. I guess you would put WPC Blur or Weekly Challenge Blur ? not too sure Beth it’s been an age since I did one .

  2. Well I think they are all delightful (and I also thought you were posting for the blur challenge – the top one is one of the best I have seen!)

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