A Tulip Festival Teaser – 2014




Last spring I posted photos from the Ottawa Tulip Festival at Dow’s Lake. The tulips were a bit late so they were not fully opened and I promised at the time to revisit. But stuff happens and I took an unscheduled break. This post is a teaser from a second visit that I will post soon. (Hopefully no unscheduled breaks…fingers crossed.) I thought I would post this grouping separately and hopefully leave you wanting more. I don’t usually do this when processing a picture but I thought I’d share and get your thoughts. These tulips are quite spectacular but the original composition wasn’t working for me. So I decided to crop the image. I soon realized that I might salvage two separate compositions from the original. Make no mistake, when I compose a shot, I try to fill the frame with only one composition. I duplicated the original and cropped what I considered to be two working arrangements.

Again the first image is my favourite, the second is the original and the last is the second or remaining composition. Do you have a favourite or do they both work?



Β© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.








13 thoughts on “A Tulip Festival Teaser – 2014

  1. I keep changing my mind, Beth, so it’s no good asking me! πŸ™‚ I guess that must mean they all work. I do find the blurring hurts my eyes sometimes but what stunning colours!

  2. Love that last one Beth . You know it’s not easy- not one bit – getting flowers to look so good I realise that from my try outs ! Splendid work . Suerly the snow will have gone soon …..

  3. The colour is astonishing! I like all the images, but maybe the last one most of all, probably because of the almost triangular composition of the three in front that are in sharper focus. But to be honest the colour is what makes me say “wow!”

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