Sneak Peek – Orchidophilia – 2015




I am half way through processing pictures taken at Orchidophilia, an annual exhibition of 600 blooming orchids presented by the Ottawa Orchid Society and decided to give you a sneak peek. The show is held inside at the Nepean Sportplex which I mention because usually my photography is done outside in natural light or inside near a window using natural light. I had attended this show once before and knew that the lighting would be a challenge and a flash, a necessity. The show is very photographer friendly but I was attending outside the hours that allow tripods. Deciding that my Nikon 70-300mm lens would give me the most flexibility, I left my macro at home. The displays were impressive and from what I could see orchids come in many varied shapes, sizes and colours. I have included images of single and multiple orchids, a floral arrangement by a local florist and a black and white image. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek and that I have sparked your interest in what’s to come.



© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.














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