Black and White Orchids from Orchidophilia – 2015



This is my second post of orchids from Orchidophilia, an annual exhibition presented by the Ottawa Orchid Society and I have only shown you a very small portion of the 600 blooming orchids on display. But there will be more to come hopefully in the not too distant future. I wanted to post these as soon as possible, in anticipation of warm weather which will no doubt mean a break from blogging. I usually don’t plan them but they do regularly happen with good weather although this spring seems to be more evasive than usual.


This post has some of the very few images that I decided to process in black and white. The first photo is my favourite because it shows so well that face that I often see when looking at orchids and this fellow has lots of character. Looks a little grouchy to me. I can see his nose, mouth, large jaw and lowered frowning brow. But he also has a sort of regal head dress, probably someone of importance. Well, enough of that flight of fancy. Hope you enjoyed this series of 3 posts from Orchidophilia – 2015 and as always love to hear your thoughts on any of these posts.



© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.










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