More Orchids from Orchidophilia -2015



This is my last post of orchids from an annual exhibition called Orchidophilia presented by the Ottawa Orchid Society. When shooting at a show you have control over so little, ie., the lighting, displays or other visitors. All of these factors must be taken into account but for me the biggest challenge is the shape of the orchid flower itself. They truly do seem to come in all shapes and sizes but for most part the shape is symmetrical, with a bowl like shape extending out from the centre. As a result, the best angle is usually straight on, that way you can display it’s symmetrical nature to its best advantage. I did try to capture them from different angles and sometimes it worked but I often found myself centring them and shooting straight on. Also this was often the best way to isolate my subjects and add negative space that did not include busy background stuffed with eye-catching winning ribbons.


In my post Ottawa Orchidophilia – 2015 the orchids were of a more similar shape and earthly tones. In this post the orchids are more varied and with more brilliant colours. The first photo looks like the orchid has one eye and a very interesting head dress. I noticed that a lot of the orchids have a face with a smashed nose, big jaw or beard and two large ears. But no matter what, they are an interesting bunch and a challenge to photograph. I think I did better then the first time I tried but there is definitely room for improvement. Good thing this is an annual event and that my sister loves orchids which means she will drag me along again and I will get more practice which is always a good thing.



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2 thoughts on “More Orchids from Orchidophilia -2015

  1. Your last few posts have built up a fantastic collection of Orchids – some stunning, and some stunningly ugly! Your choice of lens was an interesting but well justified one and you have captured some real beauties – including some of the uglies 🙂

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