Ottawa Orchidophilia – 2015




As promised here are orchids from an annual exhibition called Orchidophilia presented by the Ottawa Orchid Society. As I mentioned in Sneak Peak – Orchidophilia – 2015 , lighting was a challenge and a flash was necessary. So I decided to lower my exposure compensation to darken the background and use my on camera flash to light the orchids. And the response from my sneak peak post indicates that this was a fairly successfully strategy. I did have a moment of panic when I first arrived because I don’t use the on camera flash ever, I had no idea how to engage it. But after a quick look through the menus without success, I located the proper button on outside the camera. Go figure, crisis averted, thank goodness!


The show was filled with people taking pictures on every device imaginable and most seemed to think that the best view was a couple of inches in front of the flowers. In order for the 70-300mm lens to focus, I needed to be a few feet away which often mean’t taking pictures around people or waiting for them to move away for a clear shot. At one point, I was asked why I was using such a big lens to shoot flowers, implying that it was overkill. So I showed a picture and explained that I was better able to isolate my subject and blur the busy background. I was not offended because when I saw someone taking a picture millimetres away from an orchid I asked if that camera could focus so close up. It didn’t seem likely to me. But this type of show does seem to bring out the photographer in us all. This will be the first of three post of orchids. Some time later when I have processed the rest of the pictures, there will probably be a few more.



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