Deep into the Woods


As I walk deeper into the older growth forest in the late spring all the eye can see are trilliums.  Trillium grandiflorum  or as it is more commonly known the white trillium, large-flowered trillium, great white trillium or in French trille blanc, cover the forest floor.  Compared to the small delicate flowers featured in my previous post, the attractive three-petaled white flowers are individually quite bold and showy.

My favourites are pink trilliums. Pink and white trilliums are not different species. The flower’s white petals turn pink as they age. Just for fun I zoomed out to create motion blur in my last image.

 With every change in season, there is something to look forward to. Trilliums turn the woods into a magical wonderland. I think it’s time to take another walk in the woods.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


Showy Trillium grandiflorum or more commonly pink trillium


pink trilliums


mulitiple Trillium grandiflorum or white trilliums


older growth forest path
carpet of white trilliums
white trilliums
trillium chaos
white trilliums
white trilliums by a log
Showy white trillium blossom
Zoomed out trillium blur



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