Bearded and Beardless Irises


The Bearded Iris is named for a fuzzy ridge that runs along each of 3 downward-facing petals, called falls. The 3 upward facing petals are called standards and may be a different colour than the falls.  The Siberian Iris forms very handsome clumps of grass-like foliage with a host of blooms rising on elegantly thin stems. These beardless flowers are smaller than the Bearded Iris blooms.  These images were taken at the Ornamental Gardens located at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


Backlit light purple Bearded Iris


Backlit light pink Bearded Iris


Orange Bearded Iris


Mauve and yellow Bearded Iris


Black and white Siberian Irises


Black and white Siberian Irises


Black and white Bearded Iris


Black and white Bearded Iris close up


Black and white Bearded Iris


Light peach Bearded Iris

11 thoughts on “Bearded and Beardless Irises

  1. You have an excellent eye for composition. Love the mauve and yellow one and both the light pink and peach are unusual colours, I don’t think I have ever seen those before.

    1. That’s the best compliment Jude! Thank you very much! The Ornamental gardens at the Experimental Farm host so many wonderful varieties. It’s a great place to photograph flowers. Thanks again for your visit and comments.

    1. Very true, I tend to favour a close up view whenever I can. Some things you don’t want a close up view of, most ugly insects are not on my list to shoot. Only pretty ones butterflies and bumble bees. 🙂

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