Pushing to the limit

I have decided to change-up a bit and display this collection of images in a slide show format. In this post I have pushed these images to their limits and hopefully arrived at a more artistic expression. I have been inspired by a number of new blogs that I have been following recently. The blogs are by aspiring and established artists, who move between many forms of art, embracing them all. What I notice most is their willingness to experiment and make mistakes. It’s a very active community and one blog that I really enjoy is Debi Riley’s blog “The Creative Zone for Making Art”.

In this collection of images, I have converted or changed some of my colour images to black and white. The slide show format displays the colour image which then melds into the black and white image to create a very effective view of what was done. So I hope you will take a moment to allow the slide show to create its magic!

The peony images were desaturated from full colour to around 30-40% colour that imparts a fifties feel to the colouration. I used the negative filter located in the curves adjustment of Photoshop on the landscape image of the woods and the image of the plane flying high in the sky.  Also, blur was added to soften some images as well as heavily sharpening others to highlight a very small depth of field (DOF) or what is often called a shallow focus. If you have followed me even for a short time you might have noticed that I love to play with a shallow DOF. 

The railway images are examples of one point perspective with a vanishing point, as the rails disappear into the distance. Luckily for me a squirrel was curious about what I was doing on the railway tracks and stopped to pose for me.  Neither of us dallied on the tracks.  Hope you enjoy this collection and as always I would love to hear what you think or if a particular image was a favourite.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


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28 thoughts on “Pushing to the limit

  1. I have fallen behind on your beautiful blog! I love the b&w train tracks, but the colour version surprised me because in it you can see the little green sprouts coming up — which I missed in the b&w. So both have their merits, depending on your goals I guess. Did you see the fireworks? I wish I had brought my camera along, as they were amazing this year.

  2. Great to see and hear about your experimenting. Early on in my photography I tried just about everything attempting to find my niche. Finally I came full circle accepting what spoke to me in the very beginning as my niche. With that said though, I don’t think we should ever stop experimenting. Although I am committed to keeping my photos looking like photography, I am always thinking about what I can do differently. The squirrel on the tracks color image is my favorite … there is a certain tension there! 🙂

    1. Thanks Denise, I agree. For me the pleasure is in composing and capturing the picture. Processing is definitely secondary. But I feel that the blog is a great place to experiment so I too will occasionally spread my wings and see if I like something a little different.

  3. It’s good to experiment, Beth, but I often think that nature has it exactly right. 🙂 I love the little squirrel- how serendipitous was that! I think he shows up better in the colour version, balanced there so cheekily.
    I really like using the slide show and it’s ideal here. I use it sparingly because I don’t think it displays properly on a phone or iPad? I don’t have either so can’t be sure. I will hop over and meet your friend. Happy Sunday!

    1. I agree nature usually has it exactly right but sometimes it’s fun to play. 🙂 I too will use this format sparingly. Apparently it also might not be available to people who don’t have Java script. Who knew? Thanks Jo, Happy Sunday!

  4. Lovely photos Beth. One thing I thought I’d point out because I didn’t know this….the slideshow requires Java script. I guess it’s not something everyone has. A few people messaged me and commented that they could not view my Mare Island post because they didn’t have Java script. I notice that post has a lot fewer likes and I’m pretty sure it’s because I used a slideshow. Just thought I’d pass that along! A shame because I do like the slideshow format.

  5. A stunning slideshow of images Beth! I appreciate the sharpness and blurred effect that gave the pictures so much soul. I smiled at the image that showcased what I think is a squirrel? – I have a slight fondness for these cute furry things you see 😊. Thank you very much for sharing.

  6. Your slide show is a perfect format and not too much time between slides. I’m not a photographer Beth, but I like the B&W and the colored photographs were beautiful. The techniques for achieving the effects of depth, edging, and blurred aspects created neat elements of interest.

  7. I’m quite enthused Beth! I loved the images, wow! Inspiring, encouraging, and so Beautiful. The one I was completely enchanted by was the RR in color; I felt… Time Stop, for a Second….and there was such a lovely sense of peace, serenity, ‘zen’ existing in that moment. That is hard to do in any format.
    For me, art images, are all about ‘feeling.’ And, this one…. was exceptional. imo
    Also, just a quick “Thank YOU, Beth, for the link and the wonderful comment about my website”!! that was Awesome! 🙂

  8. This slideshow format is very appropriate for these photos. The desaturated peonies are so striking, I will try something similar one of these days on some of my photos.

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