Pushing to the limit

I have decided to change-up a bit and display this collection of images in a slide show format. In this post I have pushed these images to their limits and hopefully arrived at a more artistic expression. I have been inspired by a number of new blogs that I have been following recently. The blogs are by aspiring and established artists, who move between many forms of art, embracing them all. What I notice most is their willingness to experiment and make mistakes. It’s a very active community and one blog that I really enjoy is Debi Riley’s blog “The Creative Zone for Making Art”.

In this collection of images, I have converted or changed some of my colour images to black and white. The slide show format displays the colour image which then melds into the black and white image to create a very effective view of what was done. So I hope you will take a moment to allow the slide show to create its magic!

The peony images were desaturated from full colour to around 30-40% colour that imparts a fifties feel to the colouration. I used the negative filter located in the curves adjustment of Photoshop on the landscape image of the woods and the image of the plane flying high in the sky.  Also, blur was added to soften some images as well as heavily sharpening others to highlight a very small depth of field (DOF) or what is often called a shallow focus. If you have followed me even for a short time you might have noticed that I love to play with a shallow DOF. 

The railway images are examples of one point perspective with a vanishing point, as the rails disappear into the distance. Luckily for me a squirrel was curious about what I was doing on the railway tracks and stopped to pose for me.  Neither of us dallied on the tracks.  Hope you enjoy this collection and as always I would love to hear what you think or if a particular image was a favourite.


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Black and White Orchids from Orchidophilia – 2015



This is my second post of orchids from Orchidophilia, an annual exhibition presented by the Ottawa Orchid Society and I have only shown you a very small portion of the 600 blooming orchids on display. But there will be more to come hopefully in the not too distant future. I wanted to post these as soon as possible, in anticipation of warm weather which will no doubt mean a break from blogging. I usually don’t plan them but they do regularly happen with good weather although this spring seems to be more evasive than usual.


This post has some of the very few images that I decided to process in black and white. The first photo is my favourite because it shows so well that face that I often see when looking at orchids and this fellow has lots of character. Looks a little grouchy to me. I can see his nose, mouth, large jaw and lowered frowning brow. But he also has a sort of regal head dress, probably someone of importance. Well, enough of that flight of fancy. Hope you enjoyed this series of 3 posts from Orchidophilia – 2015 and as always love to hear your thoughts on any of these posts.



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Spring Daffodils – Happy Easter




It snowed again today so we won’t be seeing spring flowers anytime soon. I hope you will enjoy these daffodils that I captured last spring by the side of the road. The first image is my favourite with all the blurred colour surrounding this one clear daffodil. Daffodils are surprisingly hard to capture a nice picture of. They have this ugly flap of brown that the bulb was wrapped in and they grow in large clumps that make for a busy background. But if you look hard enough you can find some nicely posed flowers. Using a very shallow depth of field works very nicely too.

I would like to wish those who will be celebrating this weekend, a Happy Easter to you and your families.


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Apple, Almond and Cinnamon Cake – Food photography




If you love apples this delicious cake is for you. I love the look of this cake. The recipe comes from The Dessert Spoon. Stephanie has so many delicious baked goods on her blog. Her latest creation is a Lemon and Rosewater Sponge Cake. I’m hoping to inspire the baker in my house to bake this one too.


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Yoyo Tricks at the Ottawa Busker Festival 2013




This busker was not having a great day when we caught his act. The yoyo got away from him a few times. But you have to admire how they carry on in the face of adversity. As always the interaction with a young man from the crowd was the highlight of the act. I love the expressions caught in this series. Click on the images for better viewing.


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Barbie at the Ottawa Busker Festival 2013


The first picture is what a human would look like with Barbie proportions.   When I first saw this busker’s act she was twirling a large number of hula hoops around her body. The Busker Festival was happening along Sparks St., downtown Ottawa.  It was early evening and she waved us into closer circle around her. She was dressed in pink with many Barbie like accessories.  What I like about this series is the pure enjoyment of the crowd.  First, she wowed and impressed them with her athleticism and skills with hula hoops. Then the real fun began. She picked out some poor soul from the crowd to help her with her act.  He was a great sport even though he looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. His girlfriend or wife sported a big smile and used her phone to record his performance for prosperity, no doubt there would be many laughs at his expense for a long time after. The busker stuffed balloons up her shirt to give her Barbie proportions but I’m pretty sure Barbie never sported toned and muscled legs like her. Remember to click on the images for better viewing.

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Fall visit to Ornamental Gardens


One of my favourite places to take pictures is the ornamental gardens at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. These pictures were captured in the fall of 2013. The flowers are definitely showing end of season wear and tear. But I prefer to think that they have a little more character and charm with their folded and raindrop stained petals. You can see that my light changed quickly ending with the setting sun. I love end of season sunflowers. They produce interesting shapes with their seedless heads down turned against the setting sun. These were captured with a Nikon D600 camera, which I no longer own and my Nikon 70 to 300mm lens which is a favourite of mine.


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Dramatic Daylilies


These Daylilies are bathed in warm evening light at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. Flowers can be a challenge to capture as beautifully as they are in real life. Using backlight or sidelight can add drama and mystery to your images. Daylilies have many blooms starting and finishing on the same stem which leaves a lot of unsightly stuff that you have to be aware of. The old blooms can be removed but that old part of the stem is still not very pretty. I like to frame my images to include some negative space if possible. However, most of these images were cropped during processing to exclude unnecessarily busy backgrounds or to better frame the flower. Hope you enjoy my daylily series and as there are a lot more in my archives waiting to be processed. Cheers!


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