A Visit to Les Jardins d’Emmarocalles – 2013




Les Jardins d’Emmarocalles in Ripon, Quebec is about a one hour drive from Ottawa. We visited the gardens in late July of 2013. We got there early afternoon and the clouds were already looking ominous. It rained on and off and we spent a lot of time running for cover and waiting for the rain to stop. I was not able to see all of the gardens but I did capture a few of the different varieties of Echinacea (cone flowers) in particular. They also had some donkeys that we visited and a small farmers market. I would have liked to use my tripod and my husband did carry it around for me but it was too crowded and the paths too narrow. So I cranked up my ISO and shot handheld. I also captured a little girl who was having a lot of fun and did not mind the rain at all.


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Sunburst Through the Trees


This image was taken during a hike on the Penguin trail in Gatineau Park, Quebec. I love my D600 because I can shoot in low light situations with very little noise resulting. In order to achieve the sunburst, I also had to shoot using a small aperture. This image was shot with an ISO of 800 and an aperture of f25. The original image was still a little dark so I had to open the shadows a bit but I love the back lighting and autumn colours of this image.


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Old Barn – Gatineau Park


This image is also from my archives. It was taken in the winter of 2011. It was a very cold day and I don’t take too many landscape photos in the winter because it’s too darn cold. I cropped this image to give it more of a panoramic perspective and converted it to black and white. This image you definitely must click on to see it in large format.


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Dominant Wolf Snarling


This image is from my archives. Since my “Lone Wolf” image is fairly popular, I thought I would post this image. It was taken a few years ago during a visit to Parc Omega, a safari park in Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Quebec. These are the legendary grey wolf, also called timber wolf. This snarl was in response to being nipped at by the wolf in the front of him. The grey wolf used to be found all over North America, however with excessive hunting and the destruction of their habitat, their population was reduced in Canada.


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Autumn Leaves @ Gatineau Park


There are a few flowers like sunflowers and mums that we associate with the Autumn season but really it is all about the leaves turning beautiful vibrant colours. These close up images of Autumn leaves were captured while hiking trails in Gatineau Park, Quebec. Click on any of these images to view them in a larger format.


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Brothers Playing in the Fall Leaves


This was captured while hiking one of the trails in Gatineau Park, Quebec. I was taking pictures of the fall colours which was proving to be tricky because the light along the trails was changing from direct sun to shade constantly. I was still adjusting my settings when these young brothers ran by us and dived into the leaves. We were in the shade and my shutter speed was very low. I quickly took a few pictures and hoped for the best. Most of the pictures show some motion by both brothers. But I was lucky enough to catch a really cute expression on the little boy’s face and the motion of his brother who was gathering leaves. This image is better viewed in a large format, so click on the picture if you would like to do so.


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From the Archives – Nature’s Cathedral


Autumn has arrived and the trees are turning. Life is keeping me busy so I haven’t been out to capture much this year. Hopefully I will add some autumn images but for now I’m looking back at some of my favourites. This was taken a few years ago on a trail in Gatineau Park, Quebec. The trees rounded at the top to enclose us completely in autumn colour. I thought that this was “Nature’s Cathedral” when walked through this amazing display. This image is better viewed in a large format, so click on the picture if you would like to do so.


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Colourful Fall Leaves in the Water


The weather has started to cool, most of the flowers have finished blooming, and everything is very green with a splash of colour as the leaves begin to turn. With the cooler weather we change our activities from kayaking to hiking the trails around Ottawa and the Gatineau. With the season change from summer to fall, my focus changes from colourful flowers to colourful foliage. This photo was taken on the Sugarbush Trail in Gatineau Park.

We were hoping to get in a hike between rain showers. The sky was overcast which was great for photography on the water and in the woods. I used a long shutter speed to smooth out the water. As I was taking this picture a storm was moving in fast. We could hear thunder so we headed back to the car. Unfortunately the hike was very short but I was pleased to capture this first sign of fall.


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