Cycling along the Rideau Canal


One of my goals this summer was to take more street photography. As you know street photography can be taken anywhere but its a good idea to go somewhere you know there will be lots of people. For me that is usually downtown Ottawa, which is very alive and vibrant with activity and celebrations during the summer. To get to there, we usually park close to downtown and walk the shared paths along the Rideau Canal to downtown. Any time of day but, especially during the evening, these paths are very busy. When taking pictures you have to be very alert to the traffic on the paths or you’re likely to be run over. Cycling along the Rideau Canal is very popular.


In order to improve my photography, I am trying to be very aware of the quality of light and where the light is. This image was taken in the evening when natural light becomes slightly warmer, and begins to cast noticeable shadows. Back lighting or side lighting create a much more interesting image.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




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